Gaturro The Musical

Client: Gaturro, The Musical

Departament: SDO Live

Category: Infantile

Work: Production, Direction and Tour / Booking.

Description: The greatest dream of Gaturro is to become a rock star. Her friend Agatha knowing his desire brings him a proposal to be presented in a contest of bands. Gaturro should try to leave their fears behind and be encouraged. Among comings and goings, he accepts this invitation. Blinded by the glitter and selfishness begins to prepare to win the contest regardless that his leaving aside Agatha, who feel sad and displaced and decides to leave. Gaturro will realize that without his friend wouldn't know what to do and tries to reconcile with her and convince her to be part of the group again. That's how Gaturro discovers love, humility, effort and above all he also learns that to share moments with friends is more important than winning.
The Musical, is a message of love, friendship, dreams, sharing, looking at the other, is a message of hope where we find that if we dream hard enough, with such an effort and heart, dreams can be fulfilled. A play full of music and comedy for children and adults. Direction by Eugenia Tobal – SDO Entertainment Production.