LOLI MIRAGLIA has begun in the entertainment industry working for the musical production of “Los Fabulosos Cadillacs” in 2001, performing different tasks related to music, management, production, selling of merchandising, web design, and communication. During this period, she worked in the production of several international shows including "The Wailers".

Loli has also performed the web identity of several renowned artists and developed a project called from which the exclusive and original merchandising of artists has marketed online, with a national scope.

On an individual basis, she produced the show 'Tangos and Boleros' of Cecilia Milone at Actor's City in 2001, and also the theatrical comedy ‘Pizzaman’ with an adaptation of Paul Novak and direction of Esteban Yukelson.

Additionally, she attended several language programs in London and the USA, and added training courses in ‘online marketing’ and ‘marketing and 3D Interactive sales’ in Los Angeles.

After a brief period in the Furgang Communications press agency, Loli held position as Press Manager of The Walt Disney Company for Argentina, since 2004 until 2014, where she was responsible for managing local communication of successful campaigns such as High School Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jonas Brothers Live, Topa, Toy Story, A Chinese Tale, Lionheart, Maleficent, Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel Violetta, Violetta in concert, among many others.